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About Clinic

Kartasheva Clinic is a medical institution of new generation that was founded in 2008. It specializes on plastic surgery, senioligy and oncology. The Clinic founder Alla Kartasheva is a plastic surgeon, breast specialist, oncologist, M.D., Chief breast specialist in “CentroSoyuz” Community, a full member of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Association. She is well-known not only in Russia but abroad as well. Being an extra quality specialist and possessing a huge experience she assembled a team of highly qualified and devoted doctors. She managed to introduce innovative techniques to plastic surgery, senioligy and oncology owing to the active cooperation with foreign specialists. Kartasheva Clinic has a patent on unique endosurgical assisted operations to treat and reconstruct breast, malignant skin pathology, etc
Kartasheva Clinic key of success is:
— High accuracy diagnostics and efficient treatment using the up-to-date facilities
— attention to details and individual approach to each case that results in better care and answers for patients
— unique innovative less traumatic methods of plastic surgery in combination with the safe longstanding research basis
— sincerity, professionalism and patient care
One of the main principles of Kartasheva Clinic doctors is the early prevention of cancer and breast diseases within the bounds of contemporary medicine as well as indolent treatment methods and complex therapy. The clinic developed and successfully uses various preventive measures that help to watch over patients’ state of health and to detect cancer and breast diseases at a primitive state of development on time. It is highly important as the pathologies like mastitis, hormone –caused dysplasia, cyst and fibrocitic disease can be transformed from benignant to malignant tumor.
Kartasheva Clinic offers a complex of diagnostic programmes and individual treatment of breast diseases under the direction of breast specialist, M.D. and full professor Kartasheva Alla Fedorovna. The treatment is provided at any stage and the doctors are ready to treat efficiently any condition even if it is breast cancer or benin leason. A quick postoperative recovery is a result of up-to-date hardware-assisted rehabilitation, friendly atmosphere and a constant attending doctor’s support.
Nowadays plastic and endoscopic surgeries enjoy more and more popularity worldwide. Kartasheva Clinic conducts highly professional plastic and endoscopic operations. Maintaining the best traditions of Russian surgery and using foreign achievements of endoscopic surgery it introduces only the best and approved methods of aesthetic medicine.
Patients can also use a wide range of ambulatory services and complex laboratory examinations with the next day results in Clinic.